Friday, July 1, 2011

Material Concern - pig skin

Along the years since establishment, Shoe Story has come across a lot of enquiries, complains, and worries from customers regarding the material used in making our shoes.

So the general question popped  is " Is your shoes made of pig skin/pig skin lining?". Although Shoe Story cannot guarantee that we're 100% professional in detecting pig skin used since we're not professional in leather, we are always trying our best to make sure that shoes we offer to muslim customers are not made of pig skin. IF there's any pig skin used as informed by suppliers or factories, we'll definitely inform customers by indicating in our item's details description.

However, there COULD be cases of factories not informing/forget to mention to us, thus, we do encourage concerned customers to consider this before proceeding to placing order with us. As much as we want to avoid that, we hope customers can understand that there could be possibilities of this to happen. However, you're advised to check with us. 

Then the question continues "how come there's 3 dots or dots ?" . To be frank, shoes with pig skin, like other leather, are normally priced quite high or is meant for more premium brands, and normally for more branded shoes/European labels. According to factories sales person, most factories make these dots so that these leather appear to be like it's made of real pig skin so that they can sell at higher price for increased revenue. But most of them is actually PU leather (man made).

From definition provided online, PU leather is a synthetic imitation leather made by Wet Process. It has the same feel, look and properties of real leather. This is also considered a Vegetarian Leather, it's very comfortable to wear and breathes well (source: here).

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As stated in T&C, all goods sold are not returnable, refundable, exchangeable - even including material.
However, Shoe Story will offer to help to resell by advertising on our blog/fb.


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